OnePlus Oxygen OS Update

On May 14th, at the launch of OnePlus 7 Pro, Product Lead at OnePlus, Szymon Kopec announced a bunch of regional features to be rolled out soon staring with India. These updates will be rolled out as Open Beta build of Oxygen OS at the end of June, first to OnePlus 6/6T customers. The other great thing is that these features were developed in the R&D section of the new OnePlus Hyderabad branch.

These features include:

  • Work Life Balance

This feature helps you to segregate your notifications and emails based on your preference (personal and work). It also helps you to create a work-life template in which you can customize your app and email notifications, monitor the amount of screen time based on your ‘work’ and ‘life’ profile.

  • Smart SMS

This feature will categorize the apps based on the content. It will not only just do that but also change the way it is presented. For e.g. If one receives a sms containing an OTP, it will modify the SMS to highlight the OTP. It will also profile your personal messages separately so that we do not mix our personal messages with other messages.

  • Caller Identification

This feature is supposed to be integrated with the phone dialler enabling the user to be aware of the person/organization calling before choosing to answer the call. Unlike other Play Store it should also be able to classify (or Tag) calls on legitimate business and spams helping the users to be more informed.

  • OnePlus Roaming

There is not much information about how this feature will be implemented but my initial guess is that it should be able to provide the user with options to buy international roaming packs while travelling (as Szymon Kopec mentioned when he said to help users while travelling).

  • Cricket Score App

Since Cricket is one of the most followed sports in the country, OnePlus decided to integrate a feature that will provide the users with real-time score and other updates. This will be done in collaboration with ESPN and OnePlus plans to launch it before the ICC World Cup 2019 starts.

There are also some new features which the company should roll out to older OnePlus devices like 5/5T and 6/6T such as Zen Mode (an app that allows you to be completely notification free for 20 mins, cannot be turned off once turned on), Fnatic Mode (this should allow better gaming experience) and Screen Recorder.

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