The Flash Season 5 Finale

(Spoiler Alert)

The Flash season 5 has been the most open ended ending in the flash series yet, leaving the audience trying to figure out “what’s next?”, while just hinting on one of the biggest cross-over in the series history!!

Here is an insight into some of the major events that took place:

  • Nora gets erased out of existence

As the episode tends to finish, Nora vanishes to Time Dust, having removed from existence altogether. Convincing Young Grace to take the cure and removing Cicada’s dagger from existence (using the mirror gun) changed the timeline resulting in Nora being erased from the current timeline. Thwane manipulated Nora and Team Flash from the beginning in order to escape prison in the future, since the dagger was the only thing stopping him. Since though he had developed a slight fondness towards Nora he told Barry Allen to take her in the negative speed force, using which she could be able to stop herself from being erased but never chose not to embrace the negative speed force; because she knew that it would change her forever.

  • The Newspaper date changes

Just before the ending credit scenes, the viewers get a look at the time vault in which we can clearly hear Gideon saying “Incoming Time Flux” and the date in the newspaper changes to Year 2019; though the exact date cannot be seen. Another major giveaway was in Arrow’s last episode in which the Watcher approaches Oliver Queen and tells him that it is time to hold up his part of the bargain. All this point at Crisis on Infinite Earths, and it would not be completely wrong to say that the viewers will get a mega cross over this time.

  • Cisco takes the Meta-Human cure

After the final standoff Thwane remarks on Cisco that it is his meta-powers that make him extraordinary, and taking this thing to heart he decides to take cure. Finally after taking the cure he says that he feels scared but is hopeful, and is seen happily hanging out with his girlfriend later. Well it is not sure that the writers of the show had to take this step because Carlos Valdes plans on leaving the show or do the writers have something else for Cisco in mind. Be with or without powers, Cisco is the one who makes all the amazing gadgets and makes everyone look cooler. He even makes a new suit for Killer Frost before leaving, which the viewers can hope to see Season 6.

  • Ralph takes on ‘Dearbon’ case

Sherloque Wells goes back to his earth where his love Renee Adler is waiting for him leaving Ralph to be the detective of the team. Ralph may finally get a proper love interest in the upcoming season, since Ralph is seen to take out an old case file from the cabinet named Dearbon. Well comic book readers are aware that Ralph’s love interest, Sue Dibny’s maiden name is Dearbon. Hence we can hope to see the lone detective find some love.

With all this said I feel like Season 5 was the most complete season in terms of story line after Season 1, and we can expect an epic cross over and lots of thrill in Season 6.

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