MCU Infinity Stones

There are lots of speculations about the infinity stones showcased in MCU and I am here to put those to rest.

There are total if six infinity stones in Marvel, namely:

  1. Space Stone
  2. Reality Stone
  3. Power Stone
  4. Mind Stone
  5. Time Stone
  6. Soul Stone


Common Origin:

  • They are believed to have originated from the one, (a kind of god, an individual of infinite being), who existed before creation from which everything that has ever existed and will ever exist comes (including the multiverse).
  • When “The One” decided that he not longer wished to exist, he destroyed himself (more like The Big Bang) thus creating everything and the stones. A being of such energy and impotence cannot completely be destroyed, leaving behind remnants of his power.
  • Every universe in the multiverse has each its own version of infinity stones.


Powers, Sources, and Other Trivia: As the name suggests each stone represents control over that particular aspect of that universe.


First Appearance: Captain America: The First Avenger(2011)

Last Appearance: It is currently in Loki’s possession after the incidents of Thor: Ragnarok. (Loki used it to escape the destruction)

Powers & Abilities:

  • Ability to manipulate space.
  • The holder can travel from one point in space to another no matter what.
  • Allows the holder to exist in space at multiple points simultaneously.
  • Can change the distance between two points.
  • Can also be used to transport things from one dimension to another through wormholes (like in The Avengers).

Trivia: The notebook Tony gets in Iron Man 2 which is left by his father for him also has drawing of the tesseract and his research enabled him to invent that element (apparently Tony names it badassium)

Also in captain America: the first avenger red skull is shown to hold the tessaract and vanish. There is a good chance that he may just show up in infinity wars


First Appearance: Thor: The Dark World (2013) in the form of Aether

Last Appearance: Thor: The Dark World post-credit scenes. With the collector in his lab in Knowhere.

Powers & Abilities:

  • Alter Reality, i.e. change, rewrite, create and erase reality according to the wielder’s wish.
  • Can alter existence, change universal laws and physics according to the owner’s will.



First Appearance: Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol.1 (Power orb)

Last Appearance: Guardians of the Galaxy ending scene in Nova Corps’s custody at Xandar.

Powers and Abilities:

  • Grants its wielder infinity strength.
  • Makes the wielder indestructible.
  • Can destroy entire civilizations with just one touch.

Note: It is so powerful that only beings of infinite power can hold it directly. Any normal being will be instantly vaporized if it comes in direct contact.



First Appearance: The Avengers (2012): Loki’s Sceptre

Last Appearance: Captain America: Civil War, Vision’s Forehead

Powers & Abilities:

  • Gives the wielder the ability to read minds, change minds and even stop them.
  • Although Vision’s use of the Mind Stone is only limited to energy blasts, but in actuality, it gives the user unlimited psychic and telekinetic energy and ability.
  • The user can read all mind and rewire a person’s memory if he so wishes to.


First Appearance: Doctor Strange, The Eye of Agamotto at Kamar-Taj

Last Appearance: With Doctor Strange in Thor Ragnarok as The eye of Agamotto

Powers & Abilities:

  • Ability to manipulate time.
  • The user can see through time, stop time, slow down and fast forward time and can also exist at multiple points of time all at once.
  • Can also age or de-age time as well as travel through it.



First Appearance: Unknown

Last Appearance: Unknown

Powers & Abilities:

  • Can control soul be it of anyone.
  • Can resurrect the dead.
  • Can steal or capture someone’s soul.
  • Has omnipotence over all souls that exist.

Note: It is rumored that the Heart shaped herb in Black Panther maybe linked to the soul stone because it enables the user to be teleported to the soul plane and at the end of the movie it is also shown that the corrupt mind of Bucky has been repaired. All these are related to Soul Stone. After all, Vibranium is an alien metal and there may be more of it.

Another theory may be that Heimdall has the soul stone; in his eyes. He was heard saying in Thor 2 that he can see all the souls in the universe and in Thor’s vision in Avengers 2 Heimdall is seen to be blind so it would not be completely wrong to say that Thanos could have taken it from him.


  • Cannot be used to destroy each other since they are the element they control, that means that destroying them would eliminate the aspect they control, For eg: If they destroy the space stone then all space in the universe would disappear.
  • Can only be used or in other words grants infinite power in the same universe. In some universe of the multiverse, the powers of the infinity stone are useless. In that universe, there will be a different version of the infinity stones.



As the name suggests it is like a glove with six spots, one for each individual stone. It helps the bearer control all the infinity stones and use its power at once.

First Appearance: Thor (replica), The Avengers (mid-credits)

Current Whereabouts: With Thanos


With all this said, will watch the movie very soon and will update more interesting content soon.

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