Avengers Infinity Wars

The new Avengers Infinity wars trailer was out a few weeks before.

In the trailer, we can see Iron Man’s new suit for only about a split second, which leaves us all guessing what is this new tech?

Well, before the last trailer had come out I was in a bit of a dilemma myself but now I am sure that it is none other than MK51 aka Model Prime Armor.

MK51 aka Model Prime Armor is Tony’s most advanced suit and it is powered by many mini-arc reactors, (as you can see in the picture below):

The suit he gave Spider-man in the homecoming movie pointed to the fact that Tony was working on some nanotechnology given the array of options and facilities that were provided in the suit and not to forget the upgraded suit which Peter rejected towards the end of the movie holds close resemblance with the MK51 suit in terms of design. As we can see the mini-arc reactors similar to MK51 in it too.

Now the main features of this suit are:

  • It is stored in a cyber bracelet that Tony wears, like the one Tony uses in Civil war but it only covered his fist, and it is connected to Tony’s brain synapses making it very easy to operate and control. Unlike the bleeding edge which is stored in the hollows between Tony’s bones.
Best scene ever!!!
  • This suit responds to Tony’s will and is highly versatile. This suit can be transformed to any mode depending on the battle scenario, like:
Super flight mode
Heavy weaponry mode
Hulk-Buster Mode

(There are still some speculations to whether the suit in Infinity wars can turn into Hulk Buster mode)

  • It has a better design and is more durable than all his predecessors. (Some heavy durability is going to be needed to fight Thanos)
  • There are rumors that this suit even has stealth mode in it since the comic book version of this suit does.
  • The suit also has his A.I FRIDAY installed which helps him in communication and other stuff.

Possible History:  In simple terms it is the combination and the brainchild of all the tony’s previous suits marvelously merged into one unique design. Although some sources claim that the idea behind this suit originally came from a 15-year M.I.T. student, namely Riri Williams, but that’s a story for some other day.

With all this said I am super excited to watch this movie as soon as it comes out and will be posting some content and insight later.

Best party ever!!

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